Sweet Home Theater Setups-The Backyard Home Theater

Matthew Katz wants everyone to know that he did NOT build this sweet home theater setup in his backyard instead of planning his wedding.

He merely did it on his downtime.

And frankly, whether he did or he didn’t is immaterial for our purposes because man, did he ever do it up RIGHT.  Oh, sure, he doesn’t have a lot of fancy hardware in there–his goal was for 5.1 sound and at least a 480p picture, but considering that “cheap or free” was the goal of the day (a must when you’re neck deep in a wedding plan) and they built the whole thing for an astonishingly low seven hundred and forty bucks, I’d say he pulled it off nicely!

He’s got an eight by twenty FOOT screen in there, homemade, from some lumber and Dazian Trapeze Plus screen material.  Plus, he’s got an Onkyo home theater in a box system, an Epson projector and a Sony DVD player.  You put all these together and what do you got?  A basic, outdoor, and totally sweet home theater setup.

Matthew Katz’s sweet home theater setup is a lesson to us all that you don’t need thousands of dollars and all the latest and greatest products to make a home theater special. All you really need is a will to do the job and a love of movies.  Oh, and a little help from your friends.