Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Aquavision

This may be one of the sweetest home theater setups I’ve talked about in some time, and I’ve talked about some pretty sweet ones.  I’ve talked about theaters that feature huge sound systems, cost seven figures, and do things you’d never imagine.

But today, I’ve got a home theater setup that isn’t sweet because of its costs or anything like that.  No, this one’s sweet because of where it puts the television.

Oh, sure, there’s some sweet gear in here like Niles speakers and a Niles subwoofer, plus a Denon receiver and a Sony Blu-ray player.  But the centerpiece of the setup is the Aquavision aquarium.  Yes, that’s an actual saltwater aquarium you’re looking at.  The rear panel of that aquarium is a thirty four inch Toshiba LCD television.

See what I mean?  That’s sweet.  I’ve never heard of any such thing before, and just looking at it downright amazes me.  And when a home theater setup amazes me, I know that it’s got to be a sweet one.