Sweet Home Theater Setups – The 1400 Square Foot Basement

It’s always great to do two extremes in the same day.  We talked about a theater earlier today that featured an incredible aspect ratio on a relative shoestring, and now today, we’re going to follow that up with a monster home theater that takes up an entire fourteen hundred square foot basement.

Oh yes.  Fourteen hundred square feet.  Now, it’s not JUST a theater.  I admit to a bit of duplicity on that score, as the space is shared with a wet bar, a game room, a workshop and a bathroom.  But still–a home theater with all those amenities may well surpass sweet and go all the way into epic.

The theater itself, meanwhile, has a concession area and plenty of choice components put into it, including a Kenwood receiver, a Panasonic projector, a Motorola HD DVR and plenty more.

It bears repeating–this stopped being a sweet home theater setup when it tacked on all the extras.  The term epic truly does apply, because for a home theater with all the trimmings and then some, sweet is almost a graphic understatement.