Sweet Home Theater Setups – Sweetest Stargate Setup (Yet)

I’m always kind of baffled, and at the same time generally amazed, by themed home theaters.  It’s not like they offer any technical advantages, nor do they really help you enjoy a movie, but they do look undeniably cool.  And that’s the case with today’s sweet home theater setup, another one from the Stargate line, this time, Stargate Atlantis.

And this time, they’ve even managed to put a screen in a Stargate frame WITHOUT clipping the corners!  You can see from that pic that the outer edges of the frame fit inside the Stargate’s circular frame without incident, thus giving the effect of a full viewing area without the inherent difficulties of a circular frame.

But it’s not just the engineering triumph that makes this a sweet setup–try a whole slew of awesome components like the PAIR of Sony DVD carousels holding a whopping EIGHT HUNDRED DVDs total.  Average two hours per DVD and you get fully TWO SOLID MONTHS of run time, plus an extra week in there, and that assumes no stopping. Ever.  For any reason.  No sleep, no dinner, no bathroom break.  Add on the JVC projector, the Marantz receiver, Atlantic Technology speakers and more to boot and you’ve got what can only be called the sweetest Stargate-based setup yet.  Argue if you like, but I’m calling it.