Sweet Home Theater Setups – Papa Roachs Home Theater

It’s been a WHILE since we’ve had the chance to put up a celebrity’s home theater setup on the sweet home theater setups portion, folks, so I’m definitely glad to have dug up this pic of Papa Roach’s home theater.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s really, REALLY subdued.  There’s no hundred and fifty inch screen here.  No massive speaker array.  No theme, even.  Why, we’ve seen dentists and small business folks with nicer than Papa Roach!

That having been said, however, it’s an issue of quality over quantity, as they’ve installed a seventy three inch Mitsubishi TV (no word on whether it’s a plasma or an LCD), as well as an HD DVR along with Apple TV, and speakers from Rotel and B&W.

Okay, so it’s REALLY subdued.  But hey, it’s not always about big and loud–sometimes it’s just about the kind of place you’re most comfortable watching movies.  And for Papa Roach’s family, well, it’s definitely a sweet home theater setup.