Sweet Home Theater Setups-Homemade Speakers

Sometimes there’s one great thing about a home theater setup that makes you sit up and take notice.  And in the case of David Barron’s home theater setup, that certain something special is his very own brand of homemade speakers.

When David Barron started to set up his home theater, he got the opportunity of a lifetime from a mostly finished basement in the house he’d moved into.  So he started to set up the home theater of his dreams, splitting off space for a playroom, a bathroom, and the home theater.

After setting up that basic array, he then proceeded to add a slew of equipment, including a JVC projector, a Samsung Blu-ray player, an Audio Authority component box, and not only his own speakers, but also a projector screen he designed himself.

With that kind of homemade joy involved in the building of his setup, well, there’s no doubt at all that David Barron’s got a sweet home theater setup.