Sweet Home Theater Setups – Home Theater With A Pool

I believe we can all agree that having an indoor pool is sweet on an order of magnitude beyond what most of us are used to.

I believe we can further agree that having a sweet home theater setup is sweet on a somewhat more attainable level of magnitude than we’re all used to.

But what I don’t think any of us would ever dispute is that putting the two of them together is a mind-blowing concept the likes of which most of us will never see unless we read about it.

And indeed, this home theater has a swimming pool (not a really big one, but still!) running right down the middle of it.  It’s also got lots of great gear, which has been specially housed so as not to have humidity play hob with the whole thing.  There’s a forty two inch Panasonic plasma TV in here, along with an Integra receiver, Sonance speakers and a Triad power subwoofer, not to mention all the HVAC gear and such to keep that humidity level at bay.

I’m sorry, but the mere existence of a home theater with a pool is entirely too cool for words.