Sweet Home Theater Setups – Home Theater Out Of The Ashes

Sometimes disaster strikes.

And yet, sometimes, disaster represents opportunity as much as calamity.  In the case of today’s sweet home theater setup, that’s exactly what happened.

When a home in Florida burned down–and completely, too, by the sounds of it–the homeowner was left with a fat insurance settlement check (see, this is why you pay your homeowner’s insurance bill) and a need for a new house.  So rather than simply rebuild the one he had, he opted to build a slightly new one, with a home theater inside.  But being as the check was finite, he had to be careful, and thus assigned contractors a very strict budget.

The results are astonishing.  Lighting controls and a retractable curtain are just part of the equation here–there’s also a JVC projector with a hundred and ten inch Draper screen, a Marantz receiver, Monitor Audio speakers and more.

Taking something as horrible as a house fire and turning it into this is a fantastic way to make a sweet home theater setup, both for what it is and for what it represents.