Sweet Home Theater Setups – Home Beta

The theater you’ll be seeing today is pretty awesome for a lot of equally good reasons.  Sure, it’s got a lot of the great hardware that we pretty much expect to see in a sweet home theater setup, but it’s also got one extra addition to make it great–see, when this walkthrough was filmed, it actually represented something important.

It had a copy of Playstation Network’s Home beta.

Now, of course, we know that these days Home is widely available, but back then, it was the centerpiece of a home theater system.  But what else was this system packing?  Thankfully, the owner provided a complete manifest.  Check this out:

I have a Panasonic PT-AE900U projector running a 107 inch screen at 1080i HD. My sound system is a Yamaha 5960 home theater receiver running Orb audio speakers at 7.1 THX certified surround sound. And the most beastly part of the whole setup is my luanch 60 gig PS3 with many games and blu-rays oh ya and the HOME beta!

Pretty awesome, no?  At least for its time–admittedly, having home isn’t so big a deal these days.  But between that and everything else, this definitely has to qualify as a sweet home theater setup.