Sweet Home Theater Setups – Goofy

Okay, folks–sit down, strap in, and get some popcorn handy because what we’re going to do today is nothing short of PUREST AWESOME.

In fact, you’re likely to NEVER see this happen here again.  Ever.  In the history OF ever.  In perpetuity throughout the universe.

What am I building up to, you wonder by now?  Well, today, a major-league celebrity is going to show you how to install a home theater setup.  Which celebrity?  None other than Goofy himself.

You may be familiar with Goofy’s other line of instructional videos in which he shows you how to get fit and attract the ladies and so on and so forth, but today, I’ve got video right here of him installing his sweet home theater setup, as only he can.

Okay, so maybe you’re not going to want to take Goofy’s advice on configuring your speakers (fifteen speakers may be a bit much, even before the subwoofer) or mounting them (glue and ceiling fans make poor mounts) or even setting up your cable connections (a chainsaw to the side of the house is generally contraindicated by most everybody), but one thing’s clear:

It’s hilarious to watch him do it.