Sweet Home Theater Setups – Complete With Arcade

While I’m always eager to present budget secrets for those of us who’d like to build a sweet home theater system and do it on a budget, by like token, I always have to bring up those home theater systems that can only be described as sweet.

And this theater, which occupies large portions of a basement and comes equipped with not only theater goodies but also a collection of full-size console arcade games.  He’s made a video of it, and of course, we’ve got it right here.

He’s got Area 51, Lethal Enforcers I and II, Space Lords, four player Golden Tee with trackball, and Daytona USA. And on the theater end he’s got a hundred inch filmscreen and a Mitsubishi projector, along with leather seating.

Oh, and there’s a popcorn machine in there too. You can tell that from the video.

This may be one of the sweetest setups I’ve ever seen here–a full arcade in your basement is no laughing matter–and that’s why we’re talking about it here.