Sweet Home Theater Setups – BB Kings Tour Bus

So I just caught this today over at Electronic House Magazine and they were telling me all about BB King’s tour bus.  Yes, BB King.  Yes, he’s STILL touring.  And yes, he’s still got Lucille right by his side.  I personally think that’s awesome myself, but you don’t come here for music news–you come here for home theater news.  And that’s where the two intersect.

It turns out that BB King’s tour bus is literally LOADED with scads of the sweetest hardware, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if half the cost of the bus itself–right around one and a half million dollars–was in A/V hardware.

Check this out:  he’s got four Kaleidoscape players and a Kaliedoscape server, individual iPod decks for each bunk and another one that hooks into the bus’ speaker system, two Integra Blu-ray players, a PS3 and an Xbox 360 (BB King’s a GAMER??  Man, that made my day!  If I found out he plays Guitar Hero I think I’d have an embolism..  He’s also got four DirecTV decks, which is kind of sad as they really should have Dish Network, and, the crowning glory, EIGHT HDTVs.  Eight of them.  Yeah.  Just like The Octopus in The Spirit.

This is just a sweet setup no matter how you slice it.