Sweet Home Theater Setups – A Recent Revamp

Home theater setups, especially the sweetest sort, often require reexamination as technology improves–or as our bank balances do.  This is why the very best home theaters are modular in nature, where their equipment loadout can be changes as needed according to the advances of the day.  And with today’s sweet home theater setup, we’ll see a theater that’s undergone some changes.

Called the “new for 2009″ (which makes me wonder what he’s going to do with it now that it’s 2010), this theater has plenty of space and loads of great accessories.  There are several pictures around, and storage space for the inevitable DVD collection.

Plus, he’s got plenty of prime hardware in there too, including a one hundred and six inch Da-Lite screen, Mitsubishi projector, Klipsch speakers hidden behind the false speaker cloth walls, a Pioneer receiver and a Klipsch subwoofer.

With all the great stuff in there, he’s definitely got plenty of reasons to call that a sweet home theater setup.

So we will too.