Sweet Home Theater Setups – A Lot More Than Movies

I applaud any home theater setup that embraces the beautiful concept of VERSATILITY, folks.

And this sweet home theater setup, currently occupying a home in Texas, is an absolute bellwether of versatility.  How versatile is this?  Well, simply put, it’s got all the best features of a home theater, a sports bar, and a night club.

That’s right, folks, there’s a space to dance, light effects, a pool table and plenty more in here, allowing anyone in the theater to do most anything down there, up to and including karaoke.

But we came here for the theater, not to shake our collective booties on the disco floor!  And that’s okay, because there’s plenty of choice theater gear involved with this setup too.  How about a Sony blu-ray player with matching four hundred disc DVD carousel, a Denon receiver, a set of Klipsch speakers and a one hundred thirty inch projection screen to match?

With all those options in that home theater it’s a wonder the guy who owns it gets anything else done!  But it’s a sweet home theater setup regardless, and that’s what we’re always looking for.