Sweet Home Theater Setups – A Huge Surprise

Folks, I’ll admit that I’ve been looking to kick off my own DIY home theater project, and as such, have gotten loads of great ideas thanks to writing these segments.  But my biggest problem has always been lack of space.  Most of the rooms in my house are oddly shaped or fairly small, which means, as is commonly expressed, my screen size would be limited.

Or so you might think…

Today’s sweet home theater setup will challenge the premise of the screen size / distance ratio by presenting a screen fully one hundred inches diagonal…from ten feet back.

Now, that’s what the owner says, anyway, that the screen (and the excerpt from The Dark Knight) is being filmed from “about ten feet away”.  Conventional wisdom says that a hundred inch screen at 1080p should be seen from about twelve to fourteen feet away to get the full benefit.  Yet this is being seen from about ten.  Maybe the conventional wisdom isn’t as conventional as first thought.

Oh, and there’s plenty else here besides the Elite screen and Panasonic projector–there’s also an LG blu-ray player and a Logitech surround sound setup here.

But there’s nothing quite like busting convention wide open to make one sweet home theater setup, and at the end of it all, that’s exactly what this is.