Sweet Home Theater Setups – A Great Bargain Theater

Oh, sure, we all love reading about how some guy dropped a cool million putting home audio components by the busload into his setup.  We love reading about home theater setups that cost six million bucks.  But most of us will likely never SEE six million dollars in our lifetime unless we see it in a movie.  So for the rest of us, there are great bargain theater setups like the kind Mike Falzon put in.

Mike Falzon’s home theater was relatively inexpensive because he did a lot of the work himself.  Lots of design and even some construction was all on his own time, and therefore, reduced the amount of cash needed to go into the setup.

This in turn allowed him to stock it with plenty of choice amenities and features, including a snack bar, poster lightboxes, a Denon receiver and upscaling DVD player,  Cambridge Soundworks speakers and subwoofer, and a Panasonic projector with a hundred and ten inch screen he built himself.

All things considered, that’s a pretty sweet setup, and just goes to show how much you can do when you’re willing to do some of it yourself.