Sweet Home Theater Setups – 24 x 18 x Awesome

We all like to think about home theaters–especially the truly sweet ones–as giant monstrous constructs that fill entire rooms with their glory.  But most of us only have one room to spare, or one section of a basement.  And so, to that end, we’ve got another great video walkthrough of a sweet home theater setup that’ll show what you can do with just one 24×18 room.

You can see right off that there’s stadium seating in here–only two rows of it, of course, but stadium seating is stadium seating whether it’s two rows or two hundred.  Movie posters line the walls for added authenticity.

And of course, no look at a sweet home theater setup is quite complete with a look at the tech package, if we can get it.  Here, thankfully, we can, and this theater’s boasting an Optoma projector with matching ninety eight inch screen (also from Optoma) and a set of Infinity satellite speakers.

It’s not the biggest of venues, but it’s more than enough for the owner and a few friends or family members, and that’s all the sweeter it needs to be.