Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Unlikeliest Subwoofer

What I really love about the very sweetest of home theater setups is how they take the room they’re given and work with it.  And you can see from the pic at right that this was not a room that screamed “sweet home theater”.  No, this screams “drawing room”.  “Front salon”, maybe.  It’s about as far removed from “sweet home theater” as it is from, say, “rockin’ bass”.

Ah, but that’s where perception works against us!  You see, that room IS “rockin’ bass”.  See that window seat off to the side there?  They put a SUBWOOFER in there.

A TRIAD sub, no less.  Plus, they also got a fifty five inch Fujitsu plasma television in there, along with an Integra DVD player and receiver, and plenty more.

So considering that they not only managed to make the most of available space, but also put a subwoofer in the most unlikely place ever AND make a home theater setup out of it besides, you’ve got to call it sweet.