Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Two Projectors Home Theater

Now, you’re probably wondering, who in their right mind would put TWO projectors in a home theater setup? Well, there’s one immediate answer: anyone who’s planning to put in a 3-D home theater (which is likely to be both possible AND happening within the next year, if the crew out at Electronic House is right).  And that answer is correct.  But there’s also a second answer here that’s not so often considered: someone who REALLY wants good playback.

See, there are fourteen different video sources out there, everything from Xbox to Blu-ray and beyond.  And for any one projector to be able handle them all, well, that’d require some real doing.  So this particular theater uses TWO projectors, one to handle one class of inputs, and a second to handle another class.

The theater also incorporates an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3, as you’d expect from what I just described, but there’s plenty else here too, including Professional Home Cinema speakers, a custom one hundred and fifty inch screen, Crestron receivers and a whole lot more.

For sheer versatility, this is one home theater that’s maximum sweet.