Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Tragedy Home Theater

Vincent Bova’s home theater was something of a labor of love born out of tragedy.  He began analyzing the whole affair, trying to figure out what to do about it and how to set it up so that it would work out.  He made some calls and made some designs, but then, he got a problem he wasn’t planning for.

Vincent Bova had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He left his Wall Street job (when you’ve got a brain tumor?  That’s probably for the best.) and put most everything else on hold trying to get the problem fixed.  But to keep himself sane and from focusing everything on the cancer, he focused on home theater gear.  He called it “therapy”.

And his focus ended up creating an incredible home theater–a JVC 1080p projector, Paradigm speakers, a Marantz receiver, a Velodyne subwoofer, a Pioneer Blu-ray player, and more.

It’s an absolutely beautiful theater–and in case you were wondering about the tumor, he had an operation that turned out successfully, and as a result of all these he now works with two companies as well as having started his own, Total Control Remotes. But one thing’s clear:  he’s got one sweet home theater setup.  Here’s to you, Vincent, and your sweet setup.