Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Tiger Print

Ordinarily, a home theater setup might well start around a piece of equipment, like a speaker system or a certain projector screen.  But with this one, an admittedly sweet home theater setup, it all started with a square of fabric–that tiger striped affair you see at the right.

Now, naturally, it didn’t end with tiger striping.  It also expanded to become a huge home theater project, including a snack bar (dubbed the Cinebar) that offered popcorn and other snacks.  It also includes CineLoungers for seven, a hundred and twenty three inch Vutec Fixed Screen, a long throw projector screen,and a whole slew of speakers.

This is no doubt a sweet home theater setup, and it’s a downright beauty.  It helps that it’s got its own snack bar right inside the place, but the sheer combination of tech and classic beauty make this a sweet home theater setup in its own right.