Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Silver Surfer Room

Admittedly, this by itself is a sweet home theater setup, but what switches this over into a full-on themed setup is just one thing, and you can see it in that picture.  Just in case you can’t, it’s the huge life-sized model of the Silver Surfer done in fiberglass and plastic up on the wall there.  It’s truly amazing what you can find on eBay, isn’t it?

The first interesting thing of note with this setup is that it’s green.  It’s VERY green.  Bamboo flooring in the main room, rubber floor in the control and equipment rooms, a control board table made out of recycled sunflower seeds–the works.

But this is just the beginning of the awesome–this home theater also includes a home recording studio space for the owner’s band to practice in.  Plus a wide array of home theater gear like a Pioneer PDP-507CMX plasma display, a Denon DVD player with Sony four hundred disc carousel, and enough speakers to choke a hog.

Considering the sheer variety of options available here–home theater, home recording studio, home everything–and the awesome little extra touch of the Silver Surfer watching over the proceedings, this is unquestionably a sweet home theater setup.