Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Nautical Theme

Sometimes, life hands you choices.

These are not always pretty choices, and for the owners of this sweet home theater setup, the choice between installing a home theater and buying a boat must have been nightmarish, until they decided to split the difference and put the home theater in a boat in the basement.

And yes, that looks as awesome as it sounds.  Take a look at the pic on your right if you don’t believe me.

This absolutely breathtaking home theater setup has all sorts of fantastic home theater components in it: for instance, there’s the hundred and twenty seven inch Stewart Filmscreen, the Runco VX-22d with CineWide and Autoscope, the Crestron controls and the California Audio Technology speaker array.  But when you put all that together with the fact that you’re basically watching and listening to these incredible components inside the keel of a old wooden sailing ship, with that oh-so-perfect brown color for maximum contrast throughout, it’s hard to NOT think of this as a sweet home theater setup.