Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Living Room / Dining Room Theater

Mark Wiest is a guy who loves his home theater.  And so, one day, when he set out to convert his living room into a home theater, he got the surprise of a lifetime from his wife, who said, when he asked her about doing the conversion, said, and I quote here: “Sure”.

Fellas in the audience, especially MARRIED fellas in the audience, you know how unusual that reaction is from the ladies.

So Mark set out to make the theater, taking over bits of the living room and the dining room, sealing up windows with wood siding and performing a host of structural modifications to make his home theater dream a reality.  And he stocked it with a host of excellent components–a partial listing reads like a who’s who of home theater gear manufacturers: it includes three different kinds of amps including a Buttkicker, M&K speakers, a one hundred inch Stewart filmscreen and a Sony VPL-VW100 front projector.

The sheer amount of time, energy, money and prime components that went into this paid off, as Mark Wiest’s home theater setup is absolutely sweet.