Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Kids Stay Asleep

Children really are the future, you know.  They have to be–it’s not like we’ll be around forever.  So it’s a great honor to have children, even if they do get in the way of watching movies on your sweet home theater setup.  For the Bennett family, they had two small children with early bedtimes (haven’t we ALL been there?), so it became a question of how to set up their sweet home theater in such a fashion that they could actually use it past the children’s bedtime?

The answer came from plenty of work and sweat, not to mention a whole lot of acoustic insulation and sound batting.  Between the insulation, a specialized construction method called staggered-stud construction, and an acoustic seal on the door, the room is now almost completely soundproof.  Almost, of course–you can never completely soundproof a room without, say, building it inside a vacuum.

This is sweet enough, but when you add on the hardware, like a Panasonic projector, Triad speakers, and one of those fantastic screens from SMX (would’ve liked to know what size but they didn’t happen to mention that), you’ve definitely got all the makings of a sweet home theater here, and then some.