Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Home Theater House

Sometimes, you look at the idea of a sweet home theater setup, even some of the greats like the various themed home theaters, and you think, you know, this is great and all, but why can’t I have this ALL OVER THE HOUSE?  What would that look like?

One answer might be what owner of Cinematechs home theater installation services John Picotte of Florida has done.  In a truly clever move, Picotte’s company purchased a forty five hundred square foot home and then outfitted it with all the most fantastic home theater gear they could come up with.  See, they do their primary business with contractors as opposed to people.  So, they figured, why have a storefront for a fixed expense of two to three grand or so a month, and instead, show their wares in the house?

And what they put in there is nothing short of astonishing.  The master bedroom, family room and loft all have their own setups, but the king of them all is the home theater.  it’s got a JVC projector with a one hundred ten inch Vutec Silverstar Screen,  three Satellite receivers, an Xbox 360, a PS3, a Wii, a Sonos system and an Apple TV.

If this home theater setup got any sweeter you’d go into a diabetic coma just looking at it.