Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Home Drive In

Sometimes, the most amazing thing you can do with a home theater setup is to just make it as big as possible.  And for the home theater drive in, that’s exactly what they did.

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear right from the outset–this is a home theater setup writ so large that it uses an entire fifty eight hundred square foot house for a screen.  It is patently monstrous.  Though there aren’t a whole lot of details about the audio equipment–you know there has to be some serious speaker wattage pouring out to overcome that massive open air problem.  Either that or there’s headphones adjacent to every seat, which is a distinct possibility.

As fundamentally awesome as this setup is, on an operational level, I can’t imagine it working.  One, you could pretty much only use it at night.  Daylight sun would all but prevent the screen from being visible.  Two, any time it rains, you couldn’t use this theater because there appears to be no provision made for inclement weather.

It’s a sweet setup, make no mistake about it, but its limits must be observed and noted.