Sweet Home Theater Setup-The Flood Recovery Room

This sweet home theater setup has a special sort of resonance for me, and for anyone else who’s lived through the sheer mammoth crippling unpleasantness that is a flooded basement.

When a couple found that their sump pumps had failed–sump pumps are those really valuable things that keep water that can seep up through concrete floors from pooling and flooding in your basement by ejecting it out into your yard or into your septic tank or whatever–they quickly replaced them, but they were left with a whole lot of ruined drywall and carpeting.

So they set out to have the room restored, but they discovered that the company they’d hired also did home theater installation, they decided to go whole hog and have a sweet home theater setup installed.

But it’s not the impressive origin story by itself that makes this sweet–it’s the Control4 control gear, the Denon receiver and DVD player, the Triad speaker gear, the Runco projector and the one hundred thirty inch Stewart filmscreen thrown in that makes this sweet.

Any time you can go from flooded cavern in the basement to home theater, you’ve got to call it sweet by default.