Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Doctor Is In

In his home theater, that is.  And for Adam Feldman, doctor by day and home theater buff by night, he’s got good reason to stay in–plenty of them.

It took him about six months and forty grand to put together this home theater in his formerly unfinished basement, so when you factor in all the construction costs, he didn’t really shell out a lot of cash.  Finishing a basement costs pretty substantial amounts of cash, so that accounts for a LOT of it.  But what did he get for the rest of it?

He’s got a whole flotilla of B&W speakers in there, as well as a Sharp projector, a Stewart filmscreen, a Pioneer Elite receiver and plenty of acoustically transparent wall fabric to help keep the sound in check.

The doctor pulled off one doozy of an operation, and transplanted a sweet home theater setup whole and breathing in his formerly unfinished basement.