Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Converted Storage Basement

It’s true what they say, at least from where I sit–most every home theater enthusiast looks balefully down into their basements, the damp, dark caves they are, and pictures that basement full of hardware and comfy places to sit and sighs heavily, longing to turn that perfectly realized space into a beautiful home theater.

Most of us will continue to sigh, at least until our tax refund checks arrive, but sometimes, some of us will take the initiative and convert that basement, just like today’s target.

There’s an incredble array of parts in this setup, along with some really plush furniture and a few extra amenities like a bar and a pool table–check out the list!  There’s a Pioneer Elite VSX-03TXH Receiver, Panasonic PTAE2000U Projector, Definitive Technology five speaker array, Control4 HC-300 and wireless dimmers, and a Stewart Filmscreen hundred inch screen.

That definitely qualifies this one as a sweet, if somewhat basic, home theater setup.  But it isn’t sweet because of what it looks like–it’s sweet because of what it can DO.  And this setup will do enough for any movie buff.