Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Blue Lounge

One of my favorite movies of all time is In the Mouth of Madness.  It’s a John Carpenter flick, features Sam Neill, and there’s this really awesome sequence where suddenly the entire world around Sam turns blue at the behest of an author with mysterious powers.  This sweet home theatre is a lot like that, only not as scary.

It’s called The Blue Lounge, with obvious reasons–there’s a low light level all around, plus a starfield in the ceiling, all adding up to a suggestion of twilight or even night outright.  But it’s not all about the intangibles in this setup; there’s plenty of choice tech in here too. There’s a JVC projector, B & W in-wall speakers (left, center, right), a 103″ Vutec screen, a Crestron MC2W control system and an ML-600 handheld remote.

The really great part about this setup is that all the electronics, with the exception of the remote, are hidden, so it’s almost as though the movies just spring to life out of thin air.  All of this adds up to be one sweet home theatre setup.