Sweet Home Theater Setup-The Bay Window Beater

What you’re looking at just might be one of the sweetest home theaters we’ve offered up yet.  How do I figure, you might be wondering–well, simple.  This room you’re looking at used to have two standard-size windows…and a BAY WINDOW.

Now, chances are, your eyebrow has just arched a bit.  Trying to cover up one of those little architectural wonders is no easy task, and when you factor in two REGULAR windows besides, well, the whole mess just got even worse.  This room you’re looking at, as a matter of fact, started life as a home office before becoming a home theater.

Aside from the structural issues this beauty posed, there were also plenty of issues surrounding the equipment side of things.  You’ll notice that that hardware is pretty much built in–the Vidikron Vision Model 85 projector, the Stewart Filmscreen CinemaScope hundred and eight inch screen, and more–so that was no small task.

Permits aplenty were required for this–California building codes are a nightmarish maze of horror and fury that would make Al-Hazred wet himself–and when you consider all that adversity overcome to make it, this is definitely a sweet home theater setup.