Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Audiophiles Bonanza

When Michael Tarasenco was just thirteen years old, his father cosigned a loan for him to buy his first stereo system.  That stereo weighed in at a whopping three and a half grand, but this was the starting point for Tarasenco’s love of audio.  And this love of audio followed him into his sweet home theater setup.

This grew out of a longing for Tarasenco to consolidate and have an acoustically proper room  in which he could listen to his thirty thousand dollar audio system.

He got a lot of help from friends and family, and as such, built a magnificent home theater setup in his basement.  The components contained in that setup include an Onkyo 7.1 receiver, a Panasonic Blu-ray player, an Oppo upconverting DVD, Paradigm Reference Studio speakers with Polk rear surrounds, a Sanyo projector, a Da-Lite ninety two inch screen, and more.

While it does a bang up job on music, it also puts out a pretty mean movie soundtrack and still pays attention to the pictures.  It’s a sweet home theater setup no matter how you look at it.