Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Audiophile

Okay, we’ve seen a lot of strange and outlandish home theater setups here.  We’ve seen Batcaves and the Death Star and enough Enterprise bridges to make the last episode of Next Gen look like a piker.  So today, we’re going to dial it down, just a notch, and bring in a simpler model.

This is an audiophile’s dream theater–it has no name, or no central theme–built for a guy out in South Orange County, California.  As you can see, there’s no crown molding in there, or any fancy tricks, just a projector, a screen, and by the looks of it enough speakers to make this room a possible riot control device.

But the design of the room is also a minor miracle in itself–the walls and floor are all built on small raised platforms of rubber to provide an extra note of soundproofing, and the room is acoustically engineered to provide, as best as possible, the highest-quality sound even with future gear changes.

It’s not exactly a dream setup, but the painstaking detail involved in getting the sound just right–whether it be for your favorite band or for your favorite soundtrack–definitely makes this a sweet home theater setup.