Sweet Home Theater Setup-Subbasement Theater

We’ve seen a lot of basement theaters here.  Most of the better home theaters, especially the themed ones, are located in the basements of homes.  But there aren’t very many that take up the floor to make a home theater, and that’s where this one comes in.

Homeowners Doug and Candy Laven were planning to put a home theater setup in their basement, and this by itself really doesn’t sound like much.  But the problem here is that the Laven house is a Victorian house.  So it’s not exactly easy to incorporate the latest in home theater gear, especially in a basement that was built well before anyone even considered a theater, let alone put one into their home.

And the Lavens tried, make no mistake there: they broke open the concrete floor of their house’s basement and dug down.  It didn’t take long to hit clay…and then water.  Pumps served to take care of the water, and from there, they began to rebuild the basement and include the hardware, Paradigm audio gear, a Dragonfly screen, a Sony Bravia projector, and more.

Take all these things together, and what you’ve got is definitely a sweet home theater setup.