Sweet Home Theater Setup – Second Extreme: The Attic

Now THIS is the one that makes today’s whole theme make sense.  Because today, we’re talking about a sweet home theater setup placed in the one place where one probably shouldn’t be–the attic.

My mind boggled when I tried to wrap it around this baffling concept, but it was not only possible, it came out looking like THAT, an idea that left me wondering about the crawlspaces above my own house.  Maybe I couldn’t make this guy’s sweet setup, with its new flooring and various kinds of HVAC gear, but maybe I could at least do something with it.

Anyway, to turn this attic into a home theater required a whole slew of new fittings and such, but also called for a whole lot of new home theater gear.  Stuff like Polk speakers, a ninety two inch Da-Lite screen, and the ever popular Onkyo receiver and Panasonic projector all went into the construction of that one.

And when you add it all up, taking formerly unused space and turning it into highly valuable real estate can’t help but make this a sweet home theater setup.