Sweet Home Theater Setup – Sandman

So I found this really ambitious home theater setup on the AVS Forum, and Sandman’s home theater really jumped out.  First, the guy actually set this sucker up inside a converted garage.  That by itself is amazing, but there’s plenty else here that’ll blow your mind.

Basically, what he’s done here is use framing lumber to build a separate room within the garage.  You can see that he’s got provisions for the projector screen and the projectors and such, plus he’s also made provisions for what amounts to stadium seating for seven in this whole affair.  Plus, the components list will kill you–he’s got a fiber optic starfield ceiling with four random shooting stars, a one hundred forty inch diagonal projector screen, Berkline 090 seating, and columns containing side fills and rear surround speakers.

It’s really impressive–you can see from the schematic in the upper right how this sucker’s set up–and there’s no doubt that this qualifies as a sweet home theater setup.