Sweet Home Theater Setup – Randy Murrays Two Room Marvel

A home theater setup that requires two whole rooms to enjoy??  That’s crazy!  That’s insane!

…no, what that is, is a sweet home theater setup.

First, the guy who owns this, a fella named Randy Murray, he’s split off his basement into two separate rooms–a lobby, in which you’ll not only be treated to the full pre-show experience, including access to a full-on video arcade of classic games, but also a snack bar and memorabilia display.  Plus, a free box of Junior Mints.  Now that’s sweet.

But the sweetness doesn’t end with free candy!  No sir!  Or ma’am as the case may be, but anyway–from there, you segue into Randy’s theater section, which is jam-packed with awesome gear including Atlantic Technology TXH 270 speakers, a Denon receiver, a hundred and ten inch Stewart Greyhawk filmscreen, an Oppo DVD player, a Sony Blu-ray player, and plenty more.

It took eight months to build and eighty grand to build it, but there’s no doubt that, from the pinball machines to the last Junior Mint to the very last frame of a favorite old movie, Randy Murray has built a truly SWEET home theater setup.