Sweet Home Theater Setup-Morris Saad

Morris Saad’s home theater setup contains all manner of choice components, but it also does one thing really, really well, and that’s illustrate the value of modular function.

See, Morris has been working on his dream home theater setup for a lot of years.  Tech has come and tech has gone, and Morris kept up with the changes in gear, constantly swapping out old and busted for new hotness with virtually every opportunity.

He’s got a ticket booth, a concession stand (I LOVE it when home theater buffs add a concession stand. It really shows maximum dedication to the home theater concept when you go that far to replicate it at home), a bar and a game room, but that’s not all he’s got.  As for components, he’s got a Stewart filmscreen, speakers from Definitive Tech, an Epson home projector and a Pioneer receiver and DVD player.

So next time you get ready to set up a home theater, spare a thought for Morris Saad’s setup, and remember why his buddies always called him the “upgrade king”.