Sweet Home Theater Setup – Home Theater Bed Redux

Just when I think I’ve seen the height of bizarrity in home theater setups, along comes something else to change my mind.  Remember when I showed you the bed with the TV in it, and said how great it’d be if it could have speakers added, and WiFi internet so you’d never have to leave the bed?

Apparently, the crew out at HiCan took me seriously.

This bed–and I’ll remind you that what you’re looking at and reading about is in fact a BED first–comes with an onboard sound system, reading lights, built in PC and multimedia, connections for consoles and a built in projector.  As if that weren’t enough, the bed itself sports automated blinds that enclose the bed, and further automation controls for the screen and reading lights.

There’s no pricing data available for this beastie yet, but let’s be honest…a lot of that is replicable by the end user.  Seriously–there are already automated window shade controls.  There are already automated lighting controls and everything else–you could BUILD your own home theater bed for maybe a couple grand, considering the cost of components.

It may not be quite as nice as the HiCan,  but it’d do all the same stuff, and in the end, isn’t that almost as good?