Sweet Home Theater Setup – Graffiti Theater

If you’ve ever gone out to a club and been bored to death and beyond, and wished that, somehow, you could stop the deep bass playback of Lady Gaga and her newest insane breakdown and catch a movie instead, then you’ll love this next sweet home theater setup–the graffiti theatre.

The biggest thing you’ll notice, of course, is the array of different styles of graffiti lining the walls, but there’s plenty here besides dubious artwork to look at.  The component list is also plenty dazzling.

It’s got a one hundred and twenty inch Stewart Filmscreen, an LG Blu-ray player, a Crestron automation system to control the room’s blackout shades, a DJ mixing booth routed to “club” speakers, a pool table, piano and bar.  Plus, there’s a Niles Audio 7.2-channel StageFront speaker system with two subwoofers.

It’s basically a fully functional combination club and theater located in the guy’s basement.  With that kind of entertainment facility available on command, why would you ever need to leave the house?  With a sweet home theater setup like this one, that works as club and theater, well…maybe you don’t.