Sweet Home Theater Setup – Football Fantasy Theater

That’s not a typo, either.  We’re not talking about fantasy football here, we’re talking about a football fantasy.

Talking to Bob Footitt Jr., of Moorhead, Minnesota, shows you exactly what a football fantasy really is.  When you’ve got a man who’s willing to scour the sales fliers and the Internet sales and everything in between to find the centerpiece of his sweet home theater setup, you discover what blood, sweat and tears can produce.

The centerpiece in question?  NINE PLASMA TELEVISIONS.  Seven Samsungs and two Panasonics.

The man financed the purchase of nine plasma televisions to be made into a video wall, ten thousand five hundred bucks over the course of three years.  His wife was, of course, not at ALL happy–that’s where the tears come into play.  The sweat came when he finally figured out how to pay off the debt.

He’s selling his blood.

Dubbing it his “plasma for plasma” program, he’s going to a blood donation clinic twice a week at five thirty AM to sell his blood plasma.  He figures he’ll have the debt paid off with the proceeds, about two hundred eighty bucks a month.

Amazing, isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s one sweet setup, alright–paid for with sheer blood, sweat and tears.