Sweet Home Theater Setup – Brain Sturgeon

Wow.  This one is an absolutely beautiful entrant into the sweet home theatre setup pantheon, not because it’s got a running theme or anything like that, but rather because of its impressive array of components, all wedged into a sedate, stately, graceful setting.  You can see it in the pic at right, but that’s just scratching the surface.  Here’s the rundown.

It’s got a ten foot wide screen with black velvet to improve ANSI shading, Classe DVD / CD player and amp, JL Audio subwoofer, Sim2 C3X1080 Lumis projector, and multiple Berkline seats.

I find myself just plain amazed by this setup, with its spectacular components in beautiful setting.  Though I have to wonder why they didn’t decide to go with the chocolate brown color scheme for the contrast help.  Maybe they think the black velvet around the screen takes care of the contrast issues, or maybe they’re not that concerned over contrast issues, especially when the place looks the way it does.

But regardless of that incredibly minor issue, I’m convinced of one thing–this is a SWEET home theatre setup.