Swarovski-Studded Bose Headphones

Here is a pair of Bose headphones that assure you of getting ear-busting audio in a private way. Thanks to Bose which inked a deal with Hohenthaner to offer luxury headphones for the well-heeled, these handcrafted headphones come with around 1,000 Swarovski crystals encrusted on them.

These phones embody the type of luxury you require as far as private listening from your home entertainment equipment is concerned.

The around-ear headphones that surround your skull to give you an ear-busting output come in seven different crystal colors etched on them to offer great variety. The house (Hohenthaner), who is specialized in adding gemstones to anything, will lend more bling to the dance floor.

These headphones carry a normal price tag of $409. Should you decide to get them without the Swarovski crystals, they would cost you only $139.95.

(Source) ChipChick