SW Speakers presents the Figaro

We like to cover some of the most unusual speakers here at cybertheater. There was that Altec Lansing Orbit USB Stereo ones the other ones, and I’m sure that we did a fine job reporting on the Orb Audio Speakers, several times.

I suppose that we would classify the Figaro by SW Speakers as luxury speakers. The Figaro was designed in both Sweden and Austria, and has a carbon fiber enclosure with a Mahogany wood stand.

As you can see, it is quite an unusual shape with the teardrop. Here are some of the specs: the Tweeter is 2KHz-30KHz at 90dB and the Woofer is 30Hz-3KHz at 85dB. The Figaro can handle 220 Watts, and then 80 Watts long term.

Just to let you know, the price on the Figaro is going to be pretty expensive. After all you can order them with gold, silver, or diamonds. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be putting in an order on these anytime soon.