Surround Sound Chair

To make you keep feeling the thrill and romance of music, D+S Soundlabs has unveiled the Surround Sound Chair. This chair has five speakers delivering sound from almost all the directions. Two speakers are designed from the front left and front right by using 5-1/4” coaxial drivers and are mounted in a 6” PVC enclosure. You can move these cylindrical speakers back and forth on your wish. Another two surround speakers are mounted in a descending angle to the front left and right and they use 4” coaxial drivers. Finally there is a subwoofer of 12”and is placed in the base of this “SS Chair”.

This musical chair is so full of life and passion that anyone sitting in this chair will find it tough to forget the sweet memories passed sitting in it. The Surround Sound Chair boasts a twin chamber system. The upper chamber is designed to reach the ear level with 3” flared vent. With the maximum power of 100 Watts RMS, 92db sensitivity and dimension of 26”W x 50”H x 48”D, this chair weighs 180 lbs. The Surround Sound chair is packed with 30 to 20,000 Hz response. This exciting chair can be yours by paying $3,000 only.

Via: D+S Soundlabs