.Costa Mesa, the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screen technology aims at giving a revolutionary experience to the users with its latest Supernova Flex Screen. Having the perfection to blend effortlessly in to any kind of environment, Supernova Flex Screen is both a retractable and motorized version that is expected to set new standards in front projection.

Supernova Flex Screen comes with wall mounted enclosure that is removable and replaceable. You can choose from a variety of elegant finishes like black, white, silver-grey aluminum, cherry wood and blond maple for this enclosure. Get the ultimate widescreen experience even outside the confines of a dark room with Supernova Flex Screen.

What more, Supernova Flex Screen has also been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for an outstanding image quality and excellent color reproduction. Supernova Flex Screen lets you enjoy contrast ten times higher and brightness two times higher than a standard front screen.