.Supernova Core Screen is the latest addition in the award-winning series announced by Costa Mesa, the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screen technology. With Supernova Core Screen you get up to twice the brightness and ten times the contrast than a standard front projection screen. Complete with an easy to assemble black velvet frame for a quick installation, Supernova Core Screen will be available in a range of sizes up to 120”. You can easily hang it on the wall and can use it with almost all types of standard projectors.

This frame-mounted front projection screen has been specially designed for trouble-free shipment and effortless installation. Moreover, Supernova Core Screen lets you combine neutral color reproduction and uniform image quality with a high contrast ratio and superior black levels. Perfect to be used in a high ambient light environment as well for a use in a high-end home theater, Supernova Core Screen is a true revolution.