Supermodel Thin Flat Panel Speakers-Horizon 212

Super thin flat panel TVs require super thin flat panel speakers, and so far, the undisputed king of the flat panel speaker is the Horizon line from Leon Speakers.

I’ve seen some really tiny speakers before–just yesterday I wrote about a set that could nearly be covered up by holding up a quarter–but even I’ve never seen speakers look so shockingly THIN.

These speakers come in a package that is, get this, just one and a half inches deep by three and a quarter inches high.  They come in multiple configurations, so you can get left / right channel sound, or left / right / center channel sound to give you a leg up on a surround sound setup.

You have a choice of mounting options with this one, either flush with the wall, or, with the Leon Under Mount bracket, you can actually mount the speaker to any articulating wall bracket.

The key takeaway, of course, is that this sucker is SMALL and takes up almost shockingly little room.  Leon Speakers may well be making some of the smallest stuff on the market.  Check out a pic above underneath one of the new supermodel-thin TVs.