Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Packers Blu-ray & DVD Getting Released on March 8

While many home theater nuts may be watching movies on the big screen, many of you (me included) will probably point towards sports as one of your main reasons for purchasing, or planning, to large HDTV. Add to that the fact that many different major sports events including the NBA Finals and Masters Tournament will be broadcast in 3D and the urge to upgrade from HD to 3D will be quite tempting.

Football may not be every one’s favorite sport but regardless of the fact if you even like sports, chances are you probably watch the Super Bowl – be it for the over the top commercials or just because everyone else is. Seeing how Super Bowl weekend is long behind us where the Green Bay Packers beat out the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 31 – 25 showing, perhaps it’s time to relive the glory.

For such on occasion, it was just announced today that Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Packers will be gettingA releasedA on Blu-ray come March 8th by none other than NFL Films. While the press release suggests that the MSRP for the video is $34.95 it has already begun to appear at online retailers for pre-order with a listed price of $25.99.

On another note, for those who couldn’t care less about what definition they’re watching, Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Pakers will also be released on March 8th in the DVD format with an MSRP of $24.98 and an Amazon pre-order price of just $18.99.